Rochester Church Preschool is currently in operation from September through May. A calendar will be given to each family in September which lists each day that we are closed. To keep up with current happenings please periodically check the online calendar below.


Language & Literacy

  • Recite, identify, and begin writing the alphabet
  • Identify and write his/her first name
  • Understand that letters make sounds & compose words which have meaning
  • Understand that words are a way of communicating
  • Speak in fairly complex sentences
  • Listen to others
  • Communicate feelings, needs and desires effectively
  • Enjoy “reading” and being read to
  • Observe that written language is read from left to right & moves from top to bottom and front to back
  • Observe that books have titles, authors & illustrators
  • Expand his/her vocabulary
  • Participate in group discussions • Identify beginning letter sounds



  • Jump, run, hob balance, climb, somersault
  • Bounce, kick, throw, catch, roll and hit balls
  • Recognize that physical activity is both fun and healthy
  • Develop greater hand/eye coordination
  • Hold writing and art implements correctly
  • Use scissors correctly
  • Manipulate small objects such as beads, blocks and play dough
  • To move to music


Social & Emotional

  • Show respect, kindness, patience, and love toward others
  • Recognize that we are part of a large, diverse world in which we each play an important role
  • Enjoy school & interacting with peers while obeying school rules
  • Maintain a reasonable attention span
  • Begin to understand that our actions impact other
  • Take turns and share when appropriate
  • Understand and obey simple directions
  • Develop and exhibit self-esteem, self-worth and self-control
  • Communicate feelings, needs and desires appropriately
  • Follow a daily routine
  • Respect the feelings and property of others
  • Stand up for himself/herself appropriately when necessary
  • Realize a sense of pride when seeing a project to completion
  • Enjoy participating in dramatic play and role playing

Cognitive - Opposites


  • Practice concepts of alike & different
  • Begin to observe and understand cause and effect
  • Practice matching, sequencing, identifying and predicting
  • Grasp concepts of up/down, big/small, more/less, etc.
  • Ask and answer appropriate questions
  • Follow three-step directions
  • Understand and remember his/her accomplishments
  • Begin to understand basic math concepts & number recognition
  • Be exposed to various music genres, instruments and concepts
  • Begin to understand basic science concepts
  • Begin to understand global and local community concepts

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What parents are saying
I am continuously amazed at how great the girls are doing at this school. They are learning so much and having a great time doing it. I am very impressed with the teaching staff and very much believe they are doing their best to help my children. It is a great school. --Brenda, mother of 2 current students & one RCP alumni. Read More »
Our student/teacher ratios are significantly lower than state requirements. Ratios will not exceed the following: Preschool 6:1 and PreK 8:1.