The learning experiences that my children have encountered while attending Rochester Church Preschool have built a very strong foundation for their educational endeavors. My confidence in the staff has allowed me to leave them knowing that they will be educated, cared for and have a so much fun!! --Janet Olivares, mother of a current student & 2 RCP alumni

Rochester Church Preschool has been a blessing to our family on many levels. We have confidence in the staff who hold values similar to our own. We appreciate the learning that occurs through all activities. We love that our child is developing friendships in a Christian environment. Our experience with the Rochester Church Preschool has been nothing but positive! --Lora, mother of a current preschooler & one RCP alumni

My children love coming to Rochester Church Preschool! I can drop them off with confidence, knowing that they are in a caring and safe environment. Their social skills are blossoming, and I love the interactive teaching. They make the cutest crafts! --Anne, mother of a current student & one RCP alumni

I am continuously amazed at how great the girls are doing at this school. They are learning so much and having a great time doing it. I am very impressed with the teaching staff and very much believe they are doing their best to help my children. It is a great school. --Brenda, mother of 2 current students & one RCP alumni

The thing I like most about this preschool is the fact that you have the ability to work in small groups. The teacher to student ratio is small enough to allow you pay attention to and interact with each child. Other preschools don't have the interactive small group that this school does. There are fresh, young Assistant Teachers who are just as eager to teach the children as the children are to learn alongside seasoned Lead Teachers who are educated, creative and trustworthy. I also appreciate the open door policy that allows for a wonderful relationship between teachers and parents as well as the fact that it is associated with a Christian church. I would recommend Rochester Church Preschool to anyone! --Beth, mother of a current preschooler & one RCP alumni

If the Rochester Community Schools are listed among the closures on the TV news or radio, the preschool will also be closed. No refunds will be given for closures due to inclement weather.